Vita-Wear™ Magnetic Socks

Research has shown thatmagnets increase the production of amino acidsand positively affect the entire body.Magnets accelerate metabolismandhelp the body function properly.Theyhelp oxygen and nutrients arrive at the location of injuryas soon as possible so as to repair any damage caused. Vita-Wear™ Magnetic Socksreleases magnetic waves from nerve endings of the feet that are linked to the entire body.

Stimulates 2800+ reflexology pointson your feet. Massages tension points to relieve aches and pain from Plantar Fasciitis or simply tired and stressed feet.

Improves blood circulation, metabolism and reduces legs swelling.Restore the perfect leg shape overnight!


  • IMMEDIATE PAIN RELIEFfrom Plantar Fasciitis, Achilles Tendonitis, diabetic complications or simply tired and stressed feet
  • RELIEVES STRESS.Stimulates 2800+ reflex and acupressure points.
  • SHAPES & TONES LEGS.Works best when you wear it overnight.
  • POSITIVELY CHARGE METABOLISMIncrease caloric burn while you sleep.
  • PREVENTS LEG SWELLING.Promotes blood circulation and reduces fluid retention
  • IMPROVES LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE.Drains toxins out of your body.
  • SELF-HEATING.Best for cold weather.


  • Package Includes:1 PAIR x Magnetic Socks
  • Material:Tourmaline, Polyester Cotton
  • Color:Black