Pet Hair Vacuum

Get Rid Of Pesky Loose Fur With Ease!

Grooming your pet is a necessary but tiring task, especially with all that fur! Make your job easierand grab the Pet Hair Vacuum. Specially made for grooming pets, you'll never have to worry about loose fur again!

Even better than brushing, this tool gently vacuums dead hair from your pet with ease. Its lightweight, ergonomic designlets yougroom as necessary without any strain, plus a convenient compartment that contains the fur. Your pet gets to have a good time too thanks to itssoothing massager that's guaranteed to relieve stress.


  • PET HAIR VACUUM- This vacuum is specifically designed for removing dead hairfrom your petgently and with ease!
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN-Lightweight with an ergonomic handle, you cancomfortably hold this vacuumthroughout the whole grooming processwithout any strain to your hand.
  • CONVENIENT COMPARTMENT- All vacuumed hair is deposited in a compartmenttokeep your area fur-free. It's transparent, making it easy to tell when it needs to be emptied.
  • STRESS RELIEF- A rubber head with soft knobsgives your pet a soothing massage while you groom them,leaving them both clean and happy.
  • SILENT OPERATOR- It's designed torun as quietly as possibleso as not to frighten and stress pets, making grooming easier and more relaxing.
  • WIDE APPLICATION- While made for pets, it also effectively removes loose fur from furniture, carpets, and clothes.


  • Power:3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • Material:ABS, Rubber
  • Dimensions:195 x 75 x 116 mm


  • 1 x Pet Hair Vacuum