Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil

Powerful Herbal Relief For Your Lymphatic System!

Thelymphatic system is a network oforgans, vessels andlymph nodesthat are situated throughout the body. They arevital in fighting off infectionsby trappingviruses andbacterias in one area before they can infect other areas of the body. Mostlymph nodes are located in the head and neck area, as well as some in the armpits and groin area. When lymph nodes becomeswollen, it is asign that something is wrong somewhere in the body. Use theLymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil to helpalleviatethepain and inflammation from swollen lymph nodes!

NatureCare™ Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil is a natural solution for lymphatic drainage, edema (edema), spider veins and varicose veins. 100% extracted from the ginger root, it helps improve your wellbeing by relieving swelling & pain with its warming and anti-inflammatory properties.


  • Rapidly reduces swelling from lymphedema
  • Unblocks clogged lymph nodes, which help with immunity
  • Decreases swollen glands after surgery, injury or due to inflammation
  • Reduces adipose tissues & fat cells
  • Stimulates expulsion of waste products & toxins


  • Ingredient: Ginger Oil
  • Net Wt: 30ml


  • 1 x NatureCare™ Lymphatic Drainage Ginger Oil