Multifunction Kitchen Cleaner

Hard to clean oily or burnt pans? DON’T throw them into the bin just yet! Give the poor pots and pans another chance ... Yes, you can with the help of thisAibo Kitchen Cleaneronly takes 4 steps:


  • Effectiveness:Instantly in contact with water, aerobic laundry,easy to rinse.
  • Harmless:ContainsNO fluorescent agentsand does not cause damage to clothing and the body.
  • Environmentally friendly:The use ofbiological enzymesdecomposes stains to achieve a clean effect. It is more environmentally friendly andnon-toxic.
  • Multi-functional:Replaces your general cleaner, kitchen cleaner, fabric cleaner, tile cleaner & carpet cleaner with one ALL-IN-ONE cleaner.

Suitable for furniture, tiles, windows, kitchen, bathroom,Cleaning has never been this fun and hassle-free.


    Q: What are the chemicals in it? Is it harmful to bare skin?
    A: The main ingredients include water, APG, edible alcohol, sodium benzoate, and lemon extract, they are safe to skin.
    Q: Is it ok to use on a glass stovetop? Can I use this on cookie sheets?
    A: Yes, it can be used on glass stovetop, cookie sheets, oven, BBQ grill, pan, boiler, and any other kitchenware with greasy dirt.
    Q: Why my payment is declined?

    A: Our payment account is a HongKong account, your bank may have protections for payments to oversea accounts. Both PayPal and credit cards are available on our website, if one is declined, please try another one. Really sorry for the inconvenience caused.