Instant Magnetic Therapy Breast Lifts

Figuring How to Battle Sagging, Loose hanging breasts?
Instant Magnetic Therapy Bra Insertsis a must-have- you’ll be amazed by the Permanentlifting effect!

Embedded with 6 massaging magnets, it forms a magnetic field on micro-circulationand anti-gravity & anti-sagging properties.

The enhanced circulation in breast area may counteract the problems of atypical breast tissue hyperplasia.
Image result for breast lift before and after


  • Instant push-up & deep cleavage effect
  • Therapeutic magnets for boosting blood circulation
  • Emits Far Infrared Radiation & negative ions
  • Anti-sagging and comfortable lifting
  • Stimulates metabolism & prevents atypical breast tissue hyperplasia due to circulation problem


  • Material: Cotton, Therapeutic Magnets
  • Size: 11 X 6.8cm


  • Use as bra inserts
  • Hand wash recommended


  • 1 PAIR X Instant Magnetic Therapy Bra Inserts