Hair Growth Serum Pro

Use Hair growth Serum Pro to stop hair loss in it's tracks! Contains all natural yet powerful ingredients to fight all types of hair loss including Alopecia & Male Pattern Baldness. How does it work??: The key ingredients fight hair loss on multiple angles: 1. Cleanse the scalp, 2. un-choke follicles & pores, 3. nourish & hair follicle ducts, 4. Increase hair growth by activating dormant hair papillas, 5. Thicken hair roots for fuller looking scalp. Do yourself and your hair a favor, pick up the Hair Growth Serum today!


  • Key Active Ingredients: Ginger extract, Fleeceflower root, Grapeseed Oil, Ginseng extract, Glycerol, other natural ingredients
  • 1 bottle lasts 1 month - Use for3 months to see great results!!
  • Recommended treatment:Use once during shampooing and once 12hrs later - leave in
  • Safe for Men & Women
  • BUY 2 or More and SAVE!