Copper Tag Out Skin Tag Remover

Do the Skin Tags on your body make you feel Unattractive?

Copper Tag Out is a fast and effective way to remove these tags from your body

It comes in the form of a small clip

Simply attach the Copper Tag Out onto the skin tag that you want to remove

It gently cuts blood circulation into the skin tag

It will restrict the blood flow and most tags will proceed to fall off in just two to three days

Since the effects of the product are slow and gradual, you will not be experiencing any pain yet at the same time

It will allow you to easily remove skin tags without visiting a derma clinic

This item is made with copper for the element's properties related to cleanliness and strength

(The metal is known for its antimicrobial properties, so the clips will not become infested with potentially infectious bacteria. Copper is also strong enough to restrict the blood flow but does not elicit a sensation of pain.)

The Copper Tag Out is just big enough to ensure a tight grip without being uncomfortable and can be easily hidden under clothing or behind a small bandage

Each package contains 10 Copper Tag Out skin tag clips

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does it Hurt?

No, when properly secured the Copper Tag Out does not exert enough pressure to irritate local nerves. Additionally, the copper surface will prevent irritation from accumulating foreign bodies like bacteria. The tag will simply fall off when the clip has been attached for a sufficient amount of time.

  • How do They Clamp?

These clips employ a spring that forces the copper grips together when at rest. Pressing the handles behind the spring will separate the grips and allow the clips to be placed or removed easily. The small number of moving parts means that the Copper Tag Out devices require no physical maintenance.