Car Side Mirror Shield

Research says that having a ZERO-VISIBILITY of the DRIVER’S SIDE MIRROR is one of the major CAUSES of ROAD ACCIDENTS. That’s why we’re offering you a product that will keep you SAFE when DRIVING on a BAD WEATHER. Introducing theCAR SIDE MIRROR SHIELD.
Car Side Mirror Shieldare SIDE MIRROR BLADES that HELPSBLOCK OFF the RAIN and SNOWto PROVIDE a CLEARER VIEW for a SAFER DRIVING. It helps to reduce the dust attached to the rear view mirror too.
It is made of TRNSLUCENT PVC to match ANY MIRROR COLORS. It isSTURDY and DURABLEand can WITHSTAND even the toughest STORM.
Car Side Mirror ShieldisULTRA-FLEXIBLE, so it isSUITABLE for most STANDARD SIZEcar mirrors such as Cars, Luxury Cars, Taxis, Van, Busses, Trucks and more. It is EASY to INSTALL as it has its own ADHESIVE TAPE. It is recommended to install the mirror shields during daylight.
[Hot Sale] - Car Side Mirrors Rain & Snow Eyebrow
Product Specification
  • Color: Black
  • Material: PVC
  • Size: Approx. 18*5.5cm / 7.1*2.2in

  • 1/2 pair* Car Side Mirror Shield