Butt-Lift Shaping Patch

Do you want a bigger bum without working for it?

Our Butt-Lift Shaping Patch gives you an instant lifting with anti-sagging effect, as well as to improve other butt problems like flatness, roughness and cellulite.

Blended with all-natural herbsand hyaluronic acid, the patch effectively and safely enhances tightness and contour of your butt by infusing skin plumping nutrients deeply.

Rich in anti-oxidant ingredients, simply apply the patch to improve skin elasticitywith deep moisturizing, to give you the look of smoother and firmer butt.


  • Natural lifting, firming and sculptingof round and perky butt

  • Visible enlarged, uplifted, bouncier butt in15-30minutes

  • Eliminates sagging, orange-peel skin and flatnesscaused by aging,unhealthy lifestyle, etc.

  • Anti-cellulite, anti-wrinkleand restoreskin elasticity

  • Deep-layer nourishmentof ingredients to enhancesmoothness
  • Stimulatescollagenand cell tissue activationwith continual use

  • Promotesblood circulationto increaseplumpness
  • Easy absorbing plant-basedcomponents for intensehydration

  • Hypoallergenic, safefor all skin types


  1. Clean and thoroughly dry your butt
  2. Peel off the plastic liner and apply the patch on butt
  3. Let the patch stay for15-30 mins
  4. Remove the mask and gently massage the essence left until fully absorbed


  • Ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid, Natural Herbal Extracts
  • Weight: 30g/ pc


  • Apply 3 times a week for desirable lifting effect
  • Use daily as an intensive treatment, or as often as needed for an instant boost