9/16pcs Mirror Wall Stickers

Adding A Wall Of Mirror Without Fuss!

Having a mirror on the wall is essential. But sometimes you may not have the luxury of buying a big expensive wall mirror. Well, if you are looking for somethingmore affordable and a little temporary, you can consider the Wall Mirror.

You don’t need any installation skills.Just peel and stick them to a wall. It will only take a few minutes of your time. It is also possible tomatch up the peel and stick mirrors with a good frame.

Made from plastic, these reflective sheets can beeasily applied to any smooth surface in your homethanks to the self-adhesive backing that comes with it.


Shatterproof Mirror Tiles– Lighter than glass that lowered the risk of damage or breaking.

Right SizeSuit different applications for all commercial and household requirements.

Decorative And Very ClearThe reflective surface is just as clear as with traditional glass mirrors, with a silver mirrored finish and a grey backing on the reverse that delivers a crisp reflective surface.

Save Money– Wall Mirror is also much more affordable than glass mirrors, so it’s an economical choice that is cost-effective.

Durable It is also highly resistant to weather, so it’s a great solution for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Self Adhesive– Allows you to set up a mirror anywhere you want in a matter of minutes.

LightweightSheet acrylic mirror is a lightweight material that is easy and safe to handle, work and install.

StrengthImpact resistance 10 times greater than an equivalent glass mirror.


Each Little Square: 15CM x 15CM (6 inch x 6 inch)

Package Size:

16 x Squares