3D Foot Massage Socks

Make Wearing Heels Super Comfortable!

Do you feel pain when wearing heels?Do you feel uncomfortable?We offer you the socks thatprotect and comfort your feet while wearing your favorite shoes/heels,introducing the 3D Foot Massage Socks.

They come with a 3D convex cushion to reduce pressureto relieve the vibration of your foot. They are alsocomfortable and breathable.The 3D padding design aligns with the arches of your feet,giving support and comfort while you wear themwith uncomfortable or unsupportive shoes. Itoffers a comfortable orthopedic-like feel built into a sock!


  • 3D CONVEX CUSHION- Its 3 main convex cushions (Forefoot, Arch, Heel support) effectively reduce pressure to relieve the vibration of the foot.
  • NON-SLIP- Built-in the whole circle of non-slip elastic silica gel locks the instep, prevent the socks from slipping off our feet.
  • ONE SIZE FITS ALL- Insole size can be trimmed to perfectly fit your shoes with the precise cut line.
  • COMFORTABLE- These different color socks are well integrated with your feet, silicone print on the bottom of the sock provides protection on the smooth floor.
  • BREATHABLE AND SWEAT-WICKING- Comprising high-quality fibers, this natural material is famous for its moisture-wicking. Wear it for hours without feeling bothered sweaty feet.


  • Material:Cotton Fiber, Nylon
  • Size:One size fits all
  • Color:Black / Brown / Beige


  • 1 pair of 3D Foot Massage Socks