24K Gold Anti-Aging Lip Essence

The forehead, eyes, and neck are the hot spots where wrinkles are concerned, but your lipsshouldn’t be left out of your anti-aging routine. Our Premium 24K Gold Anti-Aging Lip Essence is a silky and non-sticky oil that sinks in to instantly moisturize, soften, and plump your lips.

Our Premium Rejuvenating Lip Essence penetrates deep into the skin and activates the collagencausing your skin to produce a lot of. Collagenis a necessary ingredientthat creates the youthful & supple glow you see in the young skin; it works to smooth out the grooves in your skin.


  • Instantly revitalizes chapped, dehydrated skin
  • Plumps with nutrition for fuller lips
  • Deeply moisturizing to fill the lines
  • Leaves your skin unbelievably soft
  • Protects and relieves cracked lips


  • Apply a small amount to lips and re-apply liberally throughout the day as needed.
  • Suitable to wear under lipsticks to maintain lush, plump, and moisturized lips.


  • Weight: 15ml